Wenger: We don’t need to spend

Following Robin Van Persie’s announcement to depart Arsenal, there have been plenty of opinions focused on the Gunners’ finances. A lot of pundits and supporters have claimed that the club are lagging more and more behind by failing to invest in their squad, yet Arsene Wenger insists that the team can still be successful without splashing the cash.

Even though Van Persie is very likely to leave in the near future, Gunners supporters are not confident that the reported £20m fee will be entirely invested back into the squad. Instead, the general consensus is that Arsene Wenger will continue to make shrewd signings in the market in a bid to continue the club’s existing policy on transfers.
Wenger has practically confirmed that this is exactly the case.

In an interview with Time Out Hong Kong, the Frenchman said, “Firstly, I must say that not being able to match the spending of the richest clubs does not mean that you can’t compete with them on the pitch. The Chelsea’s and the Man City’s are new problems. But with this new financial environment, what has not changed at all is our policy that we will be as ambitious as ever and spend the money that we have available, if possible in an intelligent and wise way. It does not mean you can’t win the title if you can’t compete financially.”

The comments are unlikely to bode well with many Gunners supporters, who are growing tired of the club’s traditional approach to transfers. Many have become extremely frustrated with the club’s lack of investment in the playing squad and while Arsene Wenger’s eye for a player is appreciated, it is clear to see that this is not sufficient for success. However, these comments from Wenger indicate that the Arsenal hierarchy are satisfied with the current situation at the club and no policy changes are imminent.

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