Walcott praises Welbeck after return

So far, Danny Welbeck has made 1 single league appearance in this current season and the main reason of this is because the English player was injured for a substantially long period of time which forced him to stay out of the pitch.

The only appearance that Welbeck has made was against Leicester City as he entered the pitch at the 83rd minute and even with this limited playing time, it was enough for him to score the winning goal that edged the victory towards Arsenal.

When Welbeck entered the pitch at the 83rd minute, the scoreboard was 1-1 and just when it seemed like it was going to finish in a draw, a late free-kick from Mesut Ozil managed to connect with Danny Welbeck who was able to score the winning late goal.

Theo Walcott did not waste in praising his partner Welbeck as Walcott spoke to the media about the immense impact that Welbeck has managed to make with only 12 minutes of playing time and after not having played a competitive match in over 8 months.

“This man hasn’t played for nine months and to get into the mix like that, special players come into big games. That could be massive. Dying seconds, we kept pushing, had chance after chance. I missed the first opportunity and tried to make amends. It is important and the most important thing is to get the win. It has been a roller-coaster for me, a difficult moment and my family and friends know what I have been through.” Arsenal’s Theo Walcott told reporters after their match against Leicester City finished.

This victory was huge not only for Arsenal but also for the rest of the Premier League clubs that are attempting and are going through a genuine charge to become the new champions of England. You can click here to find out Premier League odds for 2016. Leicester City had managed to stay at the top in a very comfortable position but with this loss, it allows all the other title worthy clubs on catching up and Arsenal are showing that they have what it takes to finally win it in this season after having failed to do it since the season of 2003-04.

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