23 thoughts on “Scenes after Arsenal vs West Brom

  1. Ok They were obviously celebrating because Tottenham was breathing down there necks and that they had to settle it in that nervy fashion.
    and playing in the Champions league is a big deal obviously they´╗┐ would celebrate

  2. Haha, says the Liverpool fan. You spend millions and finish mid table, Arsenal sell two of their most influential players last summer, struggle with injuries all season, play without´╗┐ proper fullbacks for over a month and, in the end, finish third to play in the Champions League next season. I’d say that’s quite the fucking achievement, well worth celebrating.

  3. @Gooner14henry rather be a muppet than living in a dreamland. Arsenal are a selling club who celebrate´╗┐ third place like they have eon something. Hope Padolski turns out to be another Gervinho or a Chamakh. Whatever he is he wont be Rvp!!!!

  4. if rvp gose we cant stop him at least we have´╗┐ a world class player joining us and kakawa might be

  5. RVP off to city. He´╗┐ wants to win things. He wants to lift silverware instead if lifting pat rice.

  6. I thought that when he did it, bouchra (his wife) was telling all the fans´╗┐ that he is staying after the game so fingers crossed!

  7. LOOOOOL its hard to hold a camera still with thousands of people jumping´╗┐ around by you ­čśë

  8. What is that chant right after “one,There’s only one´╗┐ Pat Rice” and before “Robin Van Persie” ?!

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