Mesut Ozil will be given a central role

During the entire career of Mesut Ozil as a player of Arsenal, the German midfielder has been played in a number of different positions on the pitch and he hasn’t truly managed to stand out or replicate the performances that he made during his time as a player of Real Madrid.

For this season however, it is believed that Mesut Ozil will be performing in his preferred central role as Arsene Wenger is expected to change the German midfielder from the left side of the pitch into the center of the midfield which is his favorite position.

Arsene Wenger wanted to test out Mesut Ozil in several positions on the pitch as well as having to use him in certain occasions in places where he isn’t accustomed to with Ozil being forced to do it due to injuries to suad players and a lack of back-up in certain positions.  This time around, Wenger will be mostly using Ozil in the centre. Arsenal are currently third favourites to win the Premier League title amongst betting fans on StanJames.

Back when Jose Mourinho was the manager of Real Madrid, the Portuguese coach had the chance to work alongside some of the best players in the world including: C.Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, Ricardo Kaka, Mesut Ozil and many others.

During this time, Mourinho stated that Ozil is the best No.10 in the world of football and Wenger wants to test that theory as the German midfielder will be playing a new role at the Emirates Stadium and the team will be built around his needs.

Mesut Ozil is going to have a bigger role in the team from now on and he has a tough road ahead of him as Arsenal paid €42 million in order to bring him into the team and now the Premier League club wants to see Ozil pushing his teammates to a successful season.

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