20 thoughts on “Mesut Özil ● The Wizard of Öz ● Arsenal FC

  1. As a Real Madrid fan I want him to come back SO MUCH!!! But he has to stay loyal to Arsenal and stay, I would rather have him as a midfield than Pogba in my squad

  2. great player but nowhere near as good as many people (particularly arsenal fans) make him out to be; destroys mediocre/shitty teams but when it comes to the big games and january/february he is non-existent

  3. no greater asset on the pitch than a play maker. he dictates the pace of the game and make anyone feel like a goal machine. they have been foresight and vision more than any other player on the pitch. i salute u ozil

  4. I've heard he has a lot of assist but I've never known how good he was at it till I saw this video, he knows the play before it even starts

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