Paul Merson wants Arsene Wenger to land Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the summer, with the ex-Arsenal striker believing Ibrahimovic would be a priceless signing and if he had been at Wenger’s place, he would not have hesitated for a second to go for the player.

Ibrahimovic has placed himself up for grabs as he has decided to move on from Paris. In his mid thirties, the Sweden international is still counted as one of the best in business and in the view of Merson, his tendency of being very transparent about his views would benefit Arsenal.

According to Merson, Arsenal lacks those players who have their own perspectives, but, Ibrahimovic would be one of such sort. He would strongly put his views on the table. Also, his mentality is of a winner as whichever country he has played the top tier Football in, he has not missed out on glory, and has often been the subject of the news headlines. So, there will be some positive things coming along with him which will be brilliant for the club.

Talking to a Brazilian magazine, Merson said, “Zlatan is a very opinionated sort of individual and that’s a big reason you need him at Arsenal because not too many of their players are opinionated to be honest.”

“Zlatan has that audacious touch in him. He doesn’t back off when he feels like speaking. He will speak and it’s not that he is all words. He backs what he says with his performances. So, that’s why I believe he is worth signing.”
In all Football that Ibrahimovic has played in the 2015-16 Season and we have only three quarters of the season done so far, as many as 37 goals have already come out off his boot.

So, “Old is Gold” as they say and he is nothing short of a gold in such form, is Ibrahimovic.

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