25 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli tackle on Alex Song [Arsenal – Manchester City]

  1. You are a funny man.
    Song will still be the better player. Not only does he contribute HEAVILY on the defensive end, but he also attacks swiftly. It’s not about who fucking wins titles, that was dirty, and on purpose. Joey Barton and Balotelli are both scumbags who don’t deserve to play.

    Btw he has never played for Man United.

  2. Play action? He won the title with MU?? Wrong side of Manchester man. You my friend should be shot with a ball of your own shite:)

  3. Stupid child, as you can see in this video, it was a perfectly timed tackle, won the ball cleanly. Get stuck in there boy.

  4. Well this is a very bad tackle … But in the other hand ( if you know ) Balotelli donates 60% of his income for charity and medias make him arrogant,ambitious and money minded !

  5. That was a hard takle during a play action, bad takle but not intentionally and was only exaggerated because was Balotelli… How many times in Premier or Seria A or Liga that happened? What about Barton?… Balotelli isn’t the only to get £220,000 a week, how many times Song or others player in their career did the same? Balotelli at the age of 21 wins Serie A, Champions League with Inter, Premier with MU and Song?????

  6. I can’t understand how this didn’t even get a yellow but John Terry got a red for ‘violent conduct’ on Sanchez. That’s twisted…

  7. The term soccer originated in England, first appearing in the 1880s as an Oxford “-er” abbreviation of the word “association”. If you want to be particular.

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