22 thoughts on “Lukas Podolski – Welcome to Arsenal 2012 (Official)

  1. Podolski – RVP – Walcott
    Rosicky – Arteta – Song
    Gibbs – Vermaelen – Koscielny – Sagna

    Wilshire not it it because he’s still injured :/

  2. Mate, he has over 80 caps for Germany. You don’t just get 80 caps for GERMANY by accident. He isn’t crap at all. He struggled in his first season in the Premier League, but that’s just because he needs to adapt to the league. Can you not remember what happened with Koscielny? He was awful in his first season – because he hadn’t adapted to the English game. Last season though, Koscielny was probably our best centre back. He was solid. Mertesacker is world class. Next season, he will prove it.

  3. 2 Poles – Podolski vs Lewandowski – whos better? We will see the next couple of days! 😛

  4. I hope people dont expect too much of him next season 10-15 goals would be a good season most foreign players need time to adapt to the prem like Koscielny did

  5. I hope the can squeez rosicky in there, but I would deffinetely say walcott over chamberlain

  6. I’m not sure Wilshere should be starting next season – he should be eased in. I’d hate to see him treated the way Ramsey was disgustingly treated this season if he didn’t match people’s expectations (which have had a full year to become totally unreasonable).

  7. Not sure how Podolski will blend into English football but he is a world class striker and I think he could be the next big thing for Arsenal

  8. Yeh but who would he replace? Because I wouldnt take Wilshere out and I wouldn’t see the point in signing M’Vila to play him on the bench. I know Arteta is good but maybe we could just do a rotation thing?

  9. How on earth is Wilshere going to play Left Wing? We’ll probably play the same system but with Podolski competing with Gervinho on the left.

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