19 thoughts on “James Corden Takes Over as Coach of Arsenal F.C.

  1. As a Arsenal fan, I am pretty damn happy about this. Funniest shit I have watched ­čśÇ hahaha James you make me proud´╗┐

  2. Arsenal Rant

    Arsenal are a disgrace. Money, Recognition and UCL status are all there but what is holding them back from winning is their Mediocre and their "Pussy" mentality. That Mentality accounts for their constant finishes in UCL position the Premier League, Average transfer window signings and regular Round of 16 finishes. Even when it comes to actually winning games. Now u have constant cycles of fans on day saying they are gonna win the fucking Champions League XD to a mid season crisis where all u see is #wengerout in the stands. At the end they win fuck all.

    Lets get into this shit

    The Premier League is the the MOST broadcasted league in the World and has the highest TV deal Revenue. Arsenal are 5th on Forbes's list of most valuable Football clubs and have a yearly revenue of 570M Euros including Matchday Revenue, Broadcasting rights, Sponsorship, and Merchandise. About 250M is spend on Wages and other Club Beneficiaries.
    Arsenal Spent 96M this transfer window on only 3 players of which 2 have never won a domestic title. This is one the biggest complaints from fans. Arsene Wenger has aid he failed on many top players in the past and this season the standard has gone even lower with him failing to sign Alexandre Lacazette. Arsenal's are lacking the world class out and out goalscorer to partner Olivier Giroud. Instead they have bought Granit Xhaka. If you look at the last few seasons, Arsenal's biggest signings have been Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. The rest have been way below par. Gabriel is the best example, he came with so much hype from Villareal but has had tons of bad performances and left back. Debuchy who is now on loan at Bordeaux, and Monreal are more examples.

    Now we come to Arsenal's tremendous squad depth,
    Arsenal are an injury club. Oxlade-Chamberlin, Theo Walcott, and Danny Welbeck (who has 8 fucking goals in 3 seasons) are examples. Arsenal have failed miserably to replace injured players and Wenger's desperation has led him play Oxlade in midfield when he suffered a muscle injury.

    Arsenal have knack of replacing mediocre players with mediocre players midseason when they enter a injury crisis which creates even more dissaray and their performances go down. Wenger then decides to play youngsters like Alex Iwobi out of position. In February when the knock out stages begin Arsenal constantly fail to beat beat teams and makes it to the quarter finals. In the League they can't put 2 halves together. They either start the season very well and get crushed at the end, or lose key poi9ntss at the start and when the opposition has broke free the start to win. It is disgraceful. Their quietness in the Tranfer market leads them to decline mid season and finish 4th. This have happened countless times and is happening this season aswell ffs.

    Wenger also does not know how to rotate players and use subs. In the beginning of every season you seee Alexis Sanchez playing 90 mins every weekend and come January he is injured and is replaced by Santi Cazorla, who can't replicate Alexis's goalscoring ability and Arsenal drop points against Crystal Palace and Swansea. and to think they have all the money in the world to buy players and upgrade their squad to the double.

    Arsenal's Pussy mentality hasn't got them anywhere but in the minus range when they should be in the plus. their Mediocrity shows in their performances. And another point is Inconsistency. Arsenal sigined Ozil and Sanchez in 2014 and then shut down. Arsenal can even beat Bayern on some nights, and then lose to Burnley on Saturday. Only a club like Arsenal is where thats possible. Now after this win vs Ludogoretz ffs, who enter their 2nd champions league, their stupid mediocre fans saying they gonna win the league. Arsenal get absolutely raped in the knockout stages and will be lucky to even make it.

    The Problem is not completely Wenger, but just a negative attitude from all corners of the club. Arsenal can't improve themselves. Alexis Sanchez the star man said this after Tottenham went ahead of them last season, "We have the ability to win the League but we lack hunger". That really sums it up.

    4SENAL for a reason´╗┐

  3. If anyone who supports Arsennal sees them do any of those celebrations post about it here cos I wana see that become reality lol´╗┐

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