24 thoughts on “Greatest Arsenal Goals of the 21st Century

  1. hes been very shaky recently, when i watch holland im praying for him to do good, unfortunately he isnt delivering, he scores now and then, but lets face it, his runs are three times as good as his finishing, the amount of chances he misses is almost as disgusting as the amount of goals he scores,

  2. Great video. Only ones I would possibly disagree on are the Theo run vs Liverpool and the CL final, just because of the terrible memories that followed! But still, gave me that shivery feeling so many times!

  3. I will never forget Arshavin’s goal against Barca…most special night at the Emirates! Gooner4life

  4. Dude, this video sends chills down my spine. You couldn’t have picked a better goal to conclude it.

  5. i wouldnt want to disrespect chelsea after they outplayed and outclassed barca in the semi and went on to win the champs league.

  6. Goal at 3:58 – Walcott does about 3 players and sprints across the whole pitch and squares it for a tap in to Adebayor. Adebayor goes and celebrates by himself, no acknowledgement of Theo. Lolcunt

  7. no disrespect but arsenal were the only team Barcelona feared at one point of time.

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