Gazidis reiterates self-sustaining desire

There’s no doubt that in comparison to the rest of the major forces in the top flight, Arsenal have adopted a hugely different transfer policy over the years. This has sparked plenty of debate although following the club’s recent increase in profits, chief executive Ivan Gazidis claims that the club definitely have what it takes to create success without external aid.

There was once a time where the Gunners were seen as unbeatable in the top flight, although all of that has changed over recent years following the significant investment that has been made in the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City. It would be fair to say that supporters have grown increasingly frustrated with the transfer approach that the club have adopted, with Arsenal seemingly turning into a selling outfit that never really make any significant purchases.

Despite the above, many fans will have been delighted to read a huge surge in profits for the last tax year. The Gunners earned almost £22m extra in pre-tax profit and this was even though the wage budget increased by almost £20m.
Following on from this, Gazidis has taken to the media to explain his vision for the club. The chief executive claims that the club’s stringent financial approach is paying dividends and the Gunners have been put in a very good position for the future.

He said, “Clubs, fans and other stakeholders are demanding a more rational financial approach. This reinforces our conviction that our club is strongly placed to succeed over the long term. This revenue growth will provide sustainable funds for future investment in the team while keeping within the Uefa requirements. We can and will forge our own path to success.”

However, while the team have started the campaign in very encouraging fashion, whether or not they can continue to compete with the richer outfits remains to be seen through the course of the year.

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