Francis Coquelin is Playing for Charlton on Loan

If some injuries had not occurred at Arsenal this season, Francis Coquelin might still have been playing for Charlton Athletic on loan.

But, because the Gunners’ management started feeling a bit short on midfield options courtesy the injuries, they called the 23-year old back and what an absolute revelation he has been.

The Frenchman has almost become a guaranteed selection in the starting XI of Arsenal with his consistency in the last 12-15 weeks.

And, his consistency has earned him a contract extension too at Emirates.

According to Arsene Wenger, the man who makes all the decisions in that Arsenal camp, this was going to be Coquelin’s last season in the Gunners’ outfit as the club had planned to put him on sale next summer.

But, the way, he came back from the loan spell and played, he took each and every person at the club by huge surprise.

Talking about the youngster the day before yesterday, Wenger said, “I would be lying if I tell you that I am not surprised over his development this season. I had a conversation with him a few months back. I had just told him to work as hard as he could at Charlton and then, his game would be assessed and a decision regarding him would be taken.”

“And, he did exactly what I wanted him to do. He put the hard yards. And, he was actually not too amused to be asked to come back and join the club as he was not sure if he would play or would just be put on standby. But, you have to give the credit to him. The guy has been phenomenal for us.”

Coquelin has played 12 games in the Premier League for Arsenal this season.



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