Footballers’ cars – what their wheels say about them

As many football fans know, some of the game’s top players make a lot of money. Many stars from the top leagues in England, Spain, Germany and Italy will earn close to or more than £100,000 a week, meaning that they will have plenty of money to spare for the essentials such as a home and something to get them to and from the training ground.

The guys at Autoweb created this infographic showing what 10 of the world’s most famous footballers drive the most, and how much they have spent in order to get them. Many of those listed have gone for fast, lightweight and powerful models – Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to buy a Bugatti Veyron being a case in point.

However, not all footballers tend to go for the typical supercar. Thierry Henry, now playing in MLS for New York Red Bulls, mainly drives a £60,000 Audi SUV around the city, possibly to accommodate his family on shopping trips. By footballers’ standards, it’s pretty modest, but still more than most who idolised him in his Arsenal and Barcelona days could afford!

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