Essien – sexy ‘Arsenal’ football is pointless

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25 responses to “Essien – sexy ‘Arsenal’ football is pointless

  1. He nutmegged Tevez and Wes Brown lol

  2. yea… we all know what happened at wembley

  3. Does Micheal Essein love Nadia Buari. Her Mom is old. Micheal Essein is

  4. Essien hates the Arse!!!

  5. 4-1! ahhhh.. whats good then? good old london derbies.

  6. Essien is a hard mother fucker

  7. George Oduro

    I love Essien but this was the worst interview ever. He seems to have no

  8. chelseafc2829

    at wembley what did u said???

  9. who cares who he supported when he was a child, he’s in chelsea blue and
    playing his heart out big up the bison

  10. He seems to be a shy person, but his personality shows up on the pitch…

  11. nooo essein is injured nooo!

  12. damnnnnn Michael essien vs Teves,Scholes and Ronaldo

  13. are u fuckin stupid did u not hear him say he supported man utd

  14. helloimearl1

    @TheHeavymetal4ever dude fuck off ur probs a glory supporter whos jealous
    of how good hes is and its chelsea not “chelsky” learnt to spell before u
    comment dumb fuck

  15. @TheHeavymetal4ever typical fuckwit, stik to wat ur good at, fucking ur
    dead dad, essien rapes ur slutty whore mother cunt nugget

  16. Ghanasentertainment

    dis year, essien is gonna help ghana win da worild cup

  17. chelseakingfootball

    lol hes right assenal sucks

  18. it is pointless as u could see at wembly essien is a very good player and
    he is right

  19. essien is the strongest midfielder in the world

  20. he the shit

  21. common he is telling the truth, playing beautiful is great…and good for
    the crowd, but winning is everything

  22. gusbus12345678

    ‘sexy Arsenal football is pointless’ fuck off u cunt! sexy football beat u
    2-1 at the bridge and we’ll do it again at wembly! chelsea cunts! C’MON YOU

  23. That’s quite a stretch. But a possibility. Go blackstars !!

  24. haha i guess he was in the stands when the “sexy” football spanked them at
    the bride 1-2……

  25. erm, u were saying?? 2-1 at wembley & 4-1 at the emirates! how do u