If you had to bet ahead of the last weekend’s Arsenal versus Liverpool fixture, you definitely would have put your money on the Gunners as they were playing at home and their form leading to the fixture was better. But, it was hard to predict that the match was going to be as one sided as it happened to be.

Arsenal were leading 4-1 when the proceedings came to an end with the final whistle of the referee.

A lot of analysis has been done on that game by Marathonbet. The formations that both the side came up with, the tactics and also, the substitutes, the debate is happening regarding everything.

Some people believe Brendan Rodgers was tactically not good enough, some say he could have done with a better formation, but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing and that is ability.

The truth is that Arsenal left Liverpool behind in terms of ability. There was more talent in their group; it’s as simple as that. It’s not the case that they were lucky to get that score up to 4-1. They deserved it.

As far as Liverpool is concerned, it was as bad as it could have got for them. They were powerless. There was no respite from their side.

Though, they got one on to the board with a penalty in the 76th minute, but, that was not going to make the score look any good from their point of view.

The thing with Liverpool, as concluded by Marathonbet site, is that they tend to fail to take advantage of too many chances. For instance, in the Arsenal game itself, at the very beginning, a chance came begging to Markovic who let it go.

If it had not gone wrong there, the Reds would have gone up 1-0 and it might have been a different story thereafter.

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