25 thoughts on “Building the Emirates Stadium

  1. Thier only a big team because of big sponsorship and Uefa, Their pretty much run’d by Fly Emerates.

  2. hahaha spoken like a kid that hasn’t matured yet! Good on you for knowing everything. You must be a genius!

  3. australia , LMAO , and the man pretends to be an arsenal fan and disrespecting others opinions , very smart moron

  4. yea i know everything , and i dont care about bbuilding a bridege during the first 20 minutes of the doc . Moron ur self bitch

  5. Yeah and you can do a better job! Stop hating mate. I thought the documentary was very informative, but I guess you knew all the detailed facts right because you are a so good. hahaha moron! 

  6. It will become a reality one day my friend. Keep supporting Arsenal and maybe we’ll see you there one day. Love from Australia! 

  7. The trophies will come buddy. Arsenal have had to start from scratch to improve their commercial revenue, which is something most uneducated people don’t understand. The funding has to come from somewhere and obviously sacrifices had to be made. Hence, in this case a lack of silverware. It’s always easy to taunt a team when they’re down, but never easy to envision the long time plans a team requires to secure its survival in the fickle world of sports economics.Then Chelsea and Man city got rich

  8. Excellent documentary. I understand gooners heckling at Wenger and Gazidis to spend. In fact I’m one of them, but you’ve got to stop and admire the enormity of the project and the planning involved to build such a fantastic stadium. The part that blew me away was the repositioning and continual operation of the recycling plant while building the stadium. To add to the challenge, those two massive bridges had to be built on site which caused spacing problems for other construction. Amazing!

  9. Went their for the first time to watch emirates cup, will always be a special place in my heart!

  10. Galatasaray I’n emirates stadium, arena Ali SamiYen perfect in the world than a nice atmosphere number 1

  11. i have adream to watch arsenal at the emirates stadium ,and i promise, it’s will be true…

    #arsenal Indonesia

  12. yes may be but there are much better documentaries about stadiums creations … this one was so lame

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