Whereas once Arsenal would have been amongst the bookmakers clear favourites to win the Premier League title, these days things have changed somewhat for the team from North London.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that they have become a rank outsider when it comes to the title bets, but – even at the relatively low odds of 11/1 – gambling on them to win it would still represent a risky bet in most eyes. The fact is, they haven’t looked close to challenging in nearly a decade, and last season proved how far behind the likes of Manchester United they really are.

Of course United now have a new, less experienced manager – which means they will approach the season a little more nervously than they might have before – and there has been similar upheaval at Man City and Chelsea. However it is still hard to see Arsenal coming out on top over all these teams, and most football betting fans will view a bet on them to finish in the top four – at modest 4/7 odds – as a more realistic proposition. These odds won’t excite many sports betting lovers though, and could tempt some to opt for a football slot like Game On, for something a little more exciting and lucrative.

Certainly this game offers plenty of excitement – and lots of potential to be lucrative. When it comes to the former, there are the impressive graphics which bring the ‘animals play football’ idea behind it to glorious life – as well as the sound effects of the commentator and the crowd cheering.

When compared to other popular casino slot games Game On does not feature some of the things that players have grown to expect including the ‘wild’ and ‘scatter’ reel icons which can boost your chances of winning a payout, but it does compensate for this with a fine top jackpot of $10,000, ensuring that this game is likely to prove worth your while when you finally give it a spin.

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