Arsene Wenger Confirms His Future Plans Remain a Closely Guarded Secret

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that none of the players nor the club’s transfer targets are aware of his future plans.

The Frenchman’s contract comes to an end in the summer. He has been widely to leave the club after more than two decades, as a result of widespread discontent amongst fans. Arsenal have been going through one of the worst seasons in recent memory. Even when the club has not been winning trophies since the 2003-04 campaign, they have been able to qualify regularly for the Champions League. Now, even this aspect seems to be going away from the club, who are sixth in the table with a seven-point deficit over the top four places.

Arsenal are looking set to finish the campaign only with Europa League football for next season. This would be a huge disaster considering that the club have been heavily reliant on the finances provided by the Champions League. Due to the lack of a rich benefactor like at other clubs, Arsenal have depend on TV money in order to make signings.

As a result of Wenger’s future being in doubt, some of the stars at Arsenal are not ready to commit to new contracts. The Frenchman was once again posted the question of his future ahead of the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City, and he once again remained noncommittal.

Yet, there are suggestions that Wenger may decide to sign the new two-year contract offer on his table.“I haven’t told the players. I haven’t told anything to anybody.The update is my commitment is total, and is only focused on Arsenal.The FA Cup doesn’t play any part in my future. It is very important because it is an opportunity to win a trophy this season, my future is Sunday. I expect to go to the final,” said Wenger.

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