25 thoughts on “Arsenal Football Club – True Passion

  1. @fucku999able HAHA – firstly im a United fan, and yeah sure you will. Just
    like u have the last 5 years. If your lucky you’ll keep fabregas, but that
    would just be cruel considering how much he wants to leave. And who can
    blame him, he wants to win trophies being one of the best players in the
    world. You play great football, against bad teams, giving you a great goal
    difference, but physical teams like united or chelsea outplay you.
    Barcelona raped you at your own type of play so.

  2. u gooner mugs keep forgetting the beatings you’ve been getting from
    tottenham in recent seasons.U lot dont know what passion is.Thats why they
    call it the library.Gooners only sing 3 songs-we love u arsenal we do,how
    fucking boring is that.

  3. Liverpool suck balls!! bahahaha what relegated yet are they?? hahahahaha
    arsenal, the only team to NEVER be relegated from the top flight EVER in
    the HISTORY of the EPL!!! lol arsenal heart and arsenal passion is what
    gets us through, not money or the want for fame, just the game <3

  4. im am an lfc fan and i hope yous beat chelsea and the mancs to the title..i
    respect arsenal because..they have a great stadium..no debt..great
    team..and alot of homegrown talent.i think i can speak for alot of
    liverpool fans in saying that we want arsenal to win the league over the
    other two,

  5. Gunners forever. Fuckin italian defender who injured van persie should get
    mashed up. out the whole season dats pisstaking. still Arsenal gonna win
    the title hopefully.

  6. @fucku999able Ok last note, since you’re obviously like 10 years old and
    have no idea how to spell or have any idea about what you’re talking about.
    Defensiv mid? You have alex song, he’s a better defensiv mid than Carrick &
    Fletcher combined, so how bout you learn about you’re team. If anyone has
    needed one, its been us since Carrick has had an awful season. Glory
    hunters? Football teams play to win trophies duh, its like people work to
    get paid.

  7. We love you ARSENAL we do !!! We love you ARSENAL we do !!! We love you
    ARSENAL we do !!! ARSENAL we love you !!!!!

  8. @697099 true brother we stay gunner till we die …true fans …with sooo
    much love for arsenal!!! proud gunner

  9. nice video. I live in the US, but if I could ever play pro football/soccer,
    I would play for Arsenal in a heartbeat, they’re the best!

  10. @MrDspurs1 getting a thrashing doesnt remove passion… another team
    supporter cannot understand how a fan feels towards his team which is a
    team you dont support. Before you annoy me with your retarded words no im
    not an arsenal fan and unfortunately i dont wanna ask what team you support
    or even tell you what team i support because frmo the way you talk. A real
    football fan doesnt diss ANY team… ur just a bother to the game and in no
    way will u ever understand the emotion of football.. cya

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