21 thoughts on “Arsenal Football club Highlights

  1. Gr8t video Mate, But where do you get this HD Clips from ? or you just Cap
    em ?

  2. AWSOME VID MAN, love it, love Arsenal, Never stop beleving! IN ARSENE WE

  3. when is this movie will come out?? i really can wait to see this movie..
    just watching this video i know that movie will be fantastic..

  4. dont call the damndable sport foot ball, either spell it diffrent o call it
    soccer, i dont give a damn what your country calls it, how would you like
    it if i always talked about american foot all where you were? and tricked
    you and pissed you off?

  5. Blue Foundation – Eyes Of Fire! btw. the song is perfect to this video!

  6. Official MKB CC7 date Kick-off is January 2010, but it could be released
    Februari or March too…

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