24 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Hold On – 2011/12

  1. Thanks Juan:) Glad you liked it. And I know right! The greatest moment at the Emirates! Couldn’t agree more on the RVP front, he clearly hasn’t noticed that very few players leave Arsenal and are more successful, ask Theirry, Hleb, Flamini, Nasri and Viera.

  2. GREAT video, Aidy. Great song as well. Well edited, this is wonderful.
    What a moment @ 3.26 Henry. Chace. Goal :’)
    Thank you for making this video, mate. Loved it.
    And good luck Robin, you’re gonna need it…

  3. Thanks mate, and you may notice that I tried too, and it mostly is, just had to make a few little changes to make it fit the song.

  4. Thank you for making an Arsenal video with a different song. Seriously every other one out there uses the same three songs

  5. i think it should be right before the celebration with Pat Rice .. with a little slow motion i think :p
    anyways, its still a great video (Y)

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