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Monaco knocked Arsenal out of the Champions League

On March 17 of the current year, As.Monaco knocked Arsenal out of the Champions League thanks to away goals and Arsene Wenger later went on expressing his dissatisfaction towards that rule as the French manager believes stated that it should be eliminated from the Champions League and the Europa League.

Arsene Wenger has once again voiced his opinion concerning something in the world of football and this time it’s involving referees.

A few weeks ago, Zlatan Ibrahimovic received a red card after he tackled Chelsea’s Oscar during a Champions League match but after seeing replays of the tackle, the red card did appear to be way too harsh as the Swedish player did not deserve to be removed from the match due to the tackle.

When the match was over, Ibrahimovic stated that he felt he was around 11 babies in the pitch as the Chelsea players surrounded the referee and the Swedish attacker. The players of the squad of Jose Mourinho tried to put pressure and complain to the referee who still had not made his decision on giving away the red card. Continue reading


If you had to bet ahead of the last weekend’s Arsenal versus Liverpool fixture, you definitely would have put your money on the Gunners as they were playing at home and their form leading to the fixture was better. But, it was hard to predict that the match was going to be as one sided as it happened to be.

Arsenal were leading 4-1 when the proceedings came to an end with the final whistle of the referee. Continue reading

Essien – sexy ‘Arsenal’ football is pointless

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Arsenal Fans and Friendly Wagers Turned My Friend into an Anglophile

Recently my colleague Gary was in London for three weeks for a work project. In short order he turned from a somewhat stereotypical Californian to an almost rabid Anglophile.

As someone who enjoys the UK, I understood his attraction but was surprised by the scope of his attraction; especially since he is now actively campaigning for the company to allow him to transfer to the London branch. Continue reading

Francis Coquelin is Playing for Charlton on Loan

If some injuries had not occurred at Arsenal this season, Francis Coquelin might still have been playing for Charlton Athletic on loan.

But, because the Gunners’ management started feeling a bit short on midfield options courtesy the injuries, they called the 23-year old back and what an absolute revelation he has been.

The Frenchman has almost become a guaranteed selection in the starting XI of Arsenal with his consistency in the last 12-15 weeks.

And, his consistency has earned him a contract extension too at Emirates.

According to Arsene Wenger, the man who makes all the decisions in that Arsenal camp, this was going to be Coquelin’s last season in the Gunners’ outfit as the club had planned to put him on sale next summer.

But, the way, he came back from the loan spell and played, he took each and every person at the club by huge surprise. Continue reading

Arsenal Football Chants – Lukas Podolski Scores When He Wants – with Lyrics

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When Ronald Koeman took over as Southampton boss, a lot of people thought it was a mistake. The Saints were in tatters, most of their top layes had been sold and a new foreign manager had arrived to effectively start from scratch. It was tipped to be a disastrous season for the club, the 2014-15.

But Koeman accepted the challenge. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise because he never hesitated to do that as a player either – the Dutchman always took his opponents on and was one of the most outrageous and arrogant defenders of his time. Continue reading

Arsenal Football fans in Munich

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